Association History

An Association of Collectors under the name of “Massachusetts Tax Collectors Association” was organized in 1912. For some time prior to this date the City and Town Treasurers had been organized as the “Massachusetts Treasurers Association”.

These two groups acting independently had among their membership a considerable number who were members of both Associations, as in many towns and cities the same individual held both offices. This and the fact that the relationship between the Collector and Treasurer in the various communities was extremely close, led to a merger of these two groups into the “Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association” in 1928.

In order to perfect a more permanent organization, on July 22, 1953 this voluntary Association adopted Articles of Association and organized as a Massachusetts corporation under the provisions of Chapter 180 of the General Laws under the title of the Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association and it still is operating under corporate organization, having renewed its charter in 1990.

The Association has served as a medium for discussion and dissemination of information concerning the work of Collectors and Treasurers which is continually changing due to improved techniques and changing legislation. Its membership today embraces all of the Collectors and Treasurers of the State’s three hundred and fifty-one communities and many treasurers and collectors of districts and other entities.

Meetings are held regularly, at which programs bearing upon the work of its members are presented by experts in these subjects.

In August of 1971, the 1st Annual School for Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers was sponsored by the State Tax Commission and the Association at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The School has become an annual event.

In March 1977, the Association appointed an Executive Secretary to serve on an annual basis under the direction of the Executive Board. In February 1991, the Executive Secretary was made Executive Director.

In August 1982, the Association began its program for Certification of Municipal Collectors, Municipal Treasurers and District Treasurers. Upon completion of certain defined standards and requirements as to schooling.