State Forms

The Division of Local Services is a great resource for many of the forms frequently used by assessors, collectors and treasurers. Many of the forms are available electronically directly from their website. Additionally, the MCTA has compliled a list of forms approved by the Commonwealth for use by local muncipialities.  If the link is live it will be bright blue and you can click on it to get the form directly from this site.   Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and/or print the following forms.

Form No.Title:
39Betterment of Special Assessment Commitment to Collector
50Record of Real Estate Assessment for Separate Tax Bills
58Assessors Warrant to Collector
59Assessors Warrant to Collector - Betterment & Sepcial Assessment
59ABetterment & Special Assessment Added to Annual Taxes
59BAppointed Betterment & Special Assessments Payments in Full
62Assessors Warrant to Collector - Omitted Property
63Assessor Warrant to Collector - Revision of Value
166A-60A-7Assessors to Collector Certification of Uncollected Motor Vehicle Excises
64BSpecial Warrant
97-4Renunciation of Rights under Tax Deferral and Recovery Agreement
146Notice and Certificate of Abatement - MVE
146BNotice and Certificate of Abatement - Betterment
147Notice and Certificate of Abatement - Property Tax
175Appointment of Tax on Real Estate Subsequently Divided
200 M.V.Collector's Cash - MVE
200 R.E.

Collector's Cash - Taxes and Assessements

214Affidavit as to Time of Sending Tax Bills
266Warrant to Collect Excise or Tax
275Notice of Issuance of Warrant to Collect Excise or Tax
276Certifiction of Service of Warrant
290Municipal Lien Certificate
291Statement Filed to Continue Municipal Lien
292Renunciation of Rights under Statment to Continue Municipal Lien
300Notice of Tax Taking
301Instrument of Taking
346List of Recorded Sales or Takings To Be Set up as Tax Title Accounts
347Collector to Treasurer Certificate of Subsequent Taxes to Tax Title
380A -60A- 7Collector's Schedule of Uncollected MVE

Partial Payment Receipt  (Sample Partial Payment Receipts)


US Bankruptcy Court Proof of Claim

US District Court Proof of Claim

380 Schedule of Uncollectable Taxes - Personal Property