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2016 -2021



File Sample By-law13.28 KB
File ATM Proposed Warrant Article13.92 KB
File Fraud Policy34.2 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Payment Plan Model44 KB
PDF icon Course 774 - Land of Low Value8.19 MB
File Cash Handling Policies and Procedures25.3 KB
File MGL Water Liens13.22 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Tax Title Foreclosure 28.5 KB
File Entries to tax title tax foreclosure sheet407.03 KB
File Screen shot of foreclosure148.91 KB
File Databank Billing Cycle Info36 KB
PDF icon Quarterly Bills131 KB
File Sewer Release12.74 KB
File Instrument of Redemption Blank form17.37 KB
PDF icon Release of Continuation of Lien449.68 KB
PDF icon RMV Atlas Presentation677.02 KB
File Sample Delinquent Letter341.13 KB
File RFP Comm 2019 77.14 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Disclaimer29.5 KB
File Salary Survey 201821.31 KB
PDF icon Police Detail Form49.78 KB
File Poll Workers Employment info11.99 KB
PDF icon 2019 W-4 Form123.6 KB
PDF icon Financial Policies - updated July 2018266.07 KB
PDF icon Investment Policy210.38 KB
PDF icon Special Notice to Agent269.96 KB
File Gift Grant Acceptance Policy25.9 KB
PDF icon tax policy due dates169.03 KB
PDF icon OPEB Declaration of Trust495.59 KB
PDF icon Treasurer Collector Staff Survey192.86 KB
PDF icon Renunciation of Rights 201929.05 KB
PDF icon State of Mass Marketplace notice187.94 KB
File ACA exchange notice part -b38.61 KB
PDF icon Safety Checklist264.72 KB
PDF icon Statement of Claim for demolition79.17 KB
PDF icon Demo Lien135.01 KB
Image icon Tax Foreclosure32.88 KB
PDF icon DOR Informational Guideline Release610.84 KB
PDF icon Policy manual - Free Cash Policy85.06 KB
PDF icon Policy Manual - General Purpose Stabilization fund80.16 KB
PDF icon Policy Manual Cash Reserves109.11 KB
PDF icon Family and Medical Leave Policy168.74 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Dissolving betterments22.5 KB
PDF icon Town Code Permit Denial940.04 KB
PDF icon Community Preservation Surcharge396.54 KB
File Department Request Paid/Unpaid taxes71.94 KB
PDF icon w-r 2020 Tax exempt certificate133.02 KB
PDF icon Withholding allowance36.26 KB
Office spreadsheet icon Misc. Turnovers46 KB
File Schedule of Department payments to treasurer31.04 KB
Office spreadsheet icon Form template45.5 KB
PDF icon Owner Update506.95 KB
File Instrument of Redemption18.76 KB
PDF icon 2020 Real Estate bill65.24 KB
PDF icon MA Opinion Convenience Fees 2010148.17 KB
PDF icon COVID 19 Legislation132.41 KB
PDF icon Collection Costs and procedures waiving of interest fees106.56 KB
PDF icon Legislative bill - HD4974 COVID-19147.71 KB
File Dropbox policies and procedures30.58 KB
File Interest Date Change en masse15.8 KB
PDF icon COVID-19 furloughs and working post retirement updates447.31 KB