City of Medford - Treasurer/Collector

City of Medford – Treasurer/Collector

The Treasurer-Collector  is responsible for managing and directing the tax collection process for the City.  The Treasurer works with the Assessor and the Auditor to ensure the efficient management of all monies due and payable to the city. The Treasurer-Collector serves as Custodian of Funds for all city monies. Cash management, investment management, and debt management, are among the Treasurer’s responsibilities. The Treasurer develops investment and borrowing strategies based on financial best practices, consultation with financial advisors and investment institutions, participation in government finance officer’s seminars and conferences, ongoing review of financial and investment journals and periodicals, and working on the certification process for both Treasurer and Collector of Taxes through the Massachusetts Collectors & Treasurers Association and the national Government Finance Officers Association. The Treasurer-Collector must also exercise fiduciary prudence when investing city funds in accordance with the guidelines imposed by state law under M.G.L. c. 44, sec. 55 and ensure compliance with all applicable state laws, City of Medford ordinances and any other financial mandates.

In conjunction with the Treasurer’s Office, the Collector’s Office is responsible for the preparation and generation of all real estate, personal property, excise tax and water and sewer bills. The Collector’s Office is charged with pursuing timely collection of all bills. Real estate and personal property taxes are issued quarterly, water and sewer bills are issued every two months and excise tax bills are issued annually. The Collector’s Office is conveniently located on the first floor of City Hall on Room 110

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