City of Chicopee Treasurer's Office - Payroll Accountant




JOB TITLE:                      PAYROLL ACCOUNTANT


LABOR GRADE:             GRADE B    

LOCATION:                      CITY HALL




SUMMARY OF POSITION:  This is an ESSENTIAL position to the office and to the City, and meeting deadlines is critical. The primary function is payroll processing, reconciliation and reporting, but also to maintain accounting principles and duties as associated with the normal operation and functions of the City Treasurer’s Office.


Review all payroll entry; as well as help to guide payroll clerks from other departments

Process payroll for all municipal and school departments

Reconcile payroll file for municipal and school departments on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis for the purpose of balancing to produce W2 forms and necessary reports for various reporting periods.

Oversee Deferred Compensation 457 Plan, be the main point of contact for employees and the 457 Company

Resolve and research any problems or issues that arise within the payroll

Cross-trained with at least one other employee to maintain continuous accessibility to public and employees during vacations and absences in office. Particularly cross-trained on all payroll deduction maintenance for all City employees.  Also covers for, and assists, other staff as needed and assigned.


Process payroll from Time and Attendance Entries into MUNIS payroll system, balance payroll with submitted worksheets, print checks and all associated reports and paysheets for departments and benefits companies.  Process municipal payroll bi-weekly and school payroll biweekly on alternate weeks.

Maintain all payroll changes to rates, transfers, and deductions as submitted. 

Maintain, test and transmit for direct deposit upon employees request.

Set up and maintain bank file for each bank selected.

Convert, upload and transmit various ACH files electronically, maintain files weekly to ensure accuracy.

Manage and enter accurate deduction changes on a weekly basis for Federal, State & Medicare Taxes; City and Teacher’s Retirement; Auto/Home Insurance; all bargaining unit dues and any others as submitted on change sheets or through Personnel Action entries or one time adjustments during payroll processing.

Set up individual wage garnishments within the MUNIS system, track changes to payroll to ensure that the amount of court order/garnishment is correct. Verify changes to individual withholding companies.

Support in balancing municipal, and school payrolls separately and combined for W-2 processing.  All wages and taxes must be balanced monthly and quarterly for the purpose of balancing the W-2 file annually.  This includes adjustments necessary for payroll corrections due to changes from Sick Pay to either Workmen’s Comp or Sick Disability; adjustments to employee deduction files for refunded deductions; adding Vehicle Fringe Benefits to eligible employees; adding Retirement Office employees wages and deductions to the W-2 file for the purpose of producing their W-2 forms.  Also responsible for the processing and printing of W2 forms annually and maintain files for processing duplicate forms upon request for past years.

Oversee the Mass Mutual/Deferred Compensation plan, processing paperwork and online reports weekly for loans, enrollments, terminations, contributions. Keep track of each employee file and deduction; update as necessary. Upload bank files and reports to transmit electronically.

 Assist with the Mass Teacher's Retirement file, submit and upload monthly reports, reconcile file to the amount sent. Help to find any difference and report those in the MTRS program.

Evaluate all deduction files for errors and correct any discrepancies

Create and file all confidential employee records

All employees are cross-trained with at least one individual for the purpose of always being able to assist for inquiries over the phone or at the counter. Also trained on various duties that affect the entire Treasurer’s Office. This includes but is not limited to knowledge of employee benefits (insurances: premiums, deductions, eligibility to participate, etc.; Federal and State tax regulations; various other voluntary programs as offered by the City to employees), knowledge of vendor file for tracking payments from all City departments and tracing issued checks, assist other staff during crucial times in typing, filing and adding various reports and summaries as required for fiscal and calendar year end.


Prepare wage verifications for financial institutions, various departments and government agencies including D.O.R. for Child Support, Health & Human Services, Housing Authorities, colleges, etc.

Report new employees weekly to Commonwealth of Mass. D.O.R.

W2 reports to IRS and DOR for annual reporting.

Compile Payroll Census records requested from the IRS and Social Security


Any and all City employees and officials as relates to payroll inquiries.  Various benefit companies & representatives, MUNIS support personnel, and other governmental agencies.

Public, taxpayers/citizens, customer service inquires in office or over phone, usually for problem resolution.

Direct contact daily with coworkers in office.

DEGREE OF INDEPENDENT AUTHORITY: Must work independently to accomplish tasks on a daily basis.  Responsible for completion of all duties timely and accurately.  Failure to complete own duties has an extremely detrimental affect on other duties in Treasurer’s Office, thereby trickling through various functions within the City.  In matters of payroll failure to complete work on a timely basis will result in delay in paying employees as specified by union contracts, and the City being subjected to grievances.  Also could result in the City being penalized and fined for delay of payroll taxes being deposited with the Federal and State agencies as prescribed by law.



Data entry should be minimum of 60 words per minute with near perfect accuracy.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

High degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

Proficient in use of all office machines-adding machine, fax, copiers, printers and postage machines.

Proficient in basic math, fractions, percentages and problem solving. Ability to compute rates, ratio and to compile and interpret bar graphs and charts.

Excellent communication skills, with the ability to handle phone calls politely and knowledgeably and to greet customers over the counter. Must be able to deal with problems involving multiple variables and situations.

Ability to apply common sense understanding to follow and carry out instructions as given in any form.

EDUCATION:  Associate’s Degree required with a minimum of three to five years experience in payroll processing and withholding tax regulations.


Access to all cash and checks turned in for deposit from City departments.

Access to check stock for City’s P/R and A/P account for production of checks.

Responsible to maintain own workstation and assist in the maintenance of all equipment in the Treasurer’s Office.

PHYSICAL & OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to lift heavy journals and records, along with boxes of various documents.  Constant sitting and rising to get checks and load printers.  Close computer and paper work. Working under high pressure and constant strain of deadlines to complete various reports and duties.  Must be able to multi-task with constant interruptions. All work in Treasurer’s Office is highly confidential in nature, particularly when dealing with payroll and deductions.  Must be able to be bonded against criminal loss of property and funds.