MCTA President Stephen Lonergan is on the news 4.17.2020


Here is the link from WCVB- TV from April 17th


Most homeowners across the state are facing another looming deadline on May 1: a quarterly property tax payment. For many it's like making two mortgage payments. State lawmakers in early April passed a bill allowing cities and towns to push back the due date a month, but changing the date is up to each individual municipality.

"It's the first time in my recollection and I've been here about 10 years," said Stephen Lonergan of the state law allowing cities and towns to change the quarterly due date. "It gives the taxpayers a break, but it doesn't cripple the community either."

Lonergan is the Tax Collector and Treasurer of Springfield, which has pushed back the due date to June 1. He's also head of the Mass Collectors and Treasurers Association.

Boston, Worcester and Newton have also delayed their property tax deadlines to June 1.

But several other big cities and towns had not changed the May 1 deadline by Friday. Those include Framingham, Lowell and Taunton.

So now might be a good time to check your tax collector's website.

Lonergan says if homeowners can still pay they should do so because town and city budgets across the state have been stressed during the pandemic. Also the property tax bill, while possibly delayed, won't just go away.

Lonergan says if you're having trouble making the quarterly payment, call your town or city hall as many tax collectors are doing their best to waive penalties.

"We always try to do whatever we can legally to help people," he said. "We don't want anybody suffering undue anxiety over, 'I might lose my house.'"

This law passed by the state also allows towns and cities to waive penalties and late fees on motor vehicle and boat excise taxes as long as they're paid by June 29th, before the state's fiscal year ends. Again check with your town or city hall.