Annual School Registration and New Information

As of today we have over 160 registered for the 50th Annual School in Amherst.  Please make sure to register soon to insure you have a spot and a hotel room.  This year our Curriculum Review Committee has been extremely busy going over not only the classes but the exams.  This year we are offering two new Advanced Payroll classes (Course 209A & B) on Wednesday, August 11th at 8:30 - 10:00am slot and 10:15 - 11:30 am.  We consolidated the Long Term Borrowing Classes to two courses rather than four.  We heard from many of you in the past that we needed to offer more classes on payroll.  If you didn't sign up for these classes are are able to modify your course selection.

If you have taken four classes in previous years for Course 203 you are not required to take 209. If you are able to take it, the course will be very beneficial.  We will still be offering the first year Payroll on Wednesday afternoon.

On the Collector's side, we are offering one new course.  Course 370 will be offered on Wednesday at 3:30 - 4:45pm  we are consolidated deferred taxes to one session versus two. Again, we heard from many of you that you wanted more time to practice interest calculations.  

The other big change is Course 201. Many of you are already aware that DLS is offering their course online.  There will be no big session in Amherst for 201.  The video that is on our website is not updated.  If you want the 201 course to count for this year's recertification it will be coming out in October.  We will notify everyone when they offer their new course.

If you aren't sure which courses you still need to take check out the required courses here.  Then go to the professional development section under the Membership tab to look up the courses you have already taken.  

If you have any questions about courses please email me at  All registration questions go to

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in August.  Remember that the deadline is July 26th for registration then it goes up $40.  

Beth Whitman