Annual School Handouts 2021

These are the handouts created for Annual School 2021

Course NumberCourse Title 
Course 101Duties and Responsibilities
Course 102Cash Control and Procedures
Course 103 AMunicipal Finance Law
Course 103BMunicipal Finance Law
Course 104Payroll
Course 105Cash Management
Course 106Short Term Borrowing
Course 107Tax Title & Interest Calculation
Course 108Trust Funds
Course 160Duties and Responsibilites
Course 161Property Tax Collections
Course 162Motor Vehicle Excise
Course 163Tax Takings
Course 164Tax Takings Forms Workshop
Course 165Interest Calculations Workshop
Course 167Municipal Lien Certificates
Course 201Review of New Legislation (TBD)
Course 202Investments
Course 203ALong Term Borrowing
Course 203BLong Term Borrowing:  Documentation Disclosures and Ratings
Course 207Insurance Chapter 32B
Course 209 (new as of 2021)Advanced Payroll
Course 211Tax Foreclosures
Course 260Litigation and Taxes Seminar
Course 268Betterments & Liens
Course 301Revenue Forecasting
Course 303ACapital Budgeting & Financing
Course 303BCapital Budgeting & Financing
Course 361Assessing Procedures
Course 364Reconciling Tax Receivables
Course 365Deferred Taxes
Course 370Interest Calculations (new as of 2021)
Course 401Tax Rate Re-Cap, Free Cash, Cherry Sheet
Course 408Ethics - Conflict of Interest
Course 418Uniform Procurement - Ch 30B
Course 710Deputy Tax Collector
Course 775Land of Low Value

Here are other documents that are helpful

Course NameDiscription
Course 101 - SupplementTC Best Practices Powerpoint Presentation
Course 101 - SupplementTC Best Practices Document
Course 104 

Payroll W-4  W-2's 

Course 370Days of the Month for Interest Calculations
Course 306Uniform Massachusetts Accounting System
Course 373 A&B Bankruptcies Handouts

Recertification Classes 

Course NumberCourse Name
Course 1020American Rescue Plan Act
Course 306Accounting Principles Structure and Best Practices
Course 791 Current Legal Topics and Other Topics in Public Finance
Course 1021Coaching, Performance Management & Discipline
Course 725Seasoned Treasurers/Collectors:  Test Your Skills (no handouts)
Course 1018Economic Update 
Course 1019OPEB - Key Assumptions and Pitfalls - Parker Elmore
Course 1019 (Additional Materials)OPEB - Key Assumptions and Pitfalls - Tony Roselli

Additional Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
Course 212Management of Tax Possessions
Course 373 ABankruptcies: What a Collector Needs to Know and Do
Course 373 B

Bankruptcies: What a Collector Needs to Know and Do

Course 375Personal Property Tax Collection
Course 752Sale/Auction of Tax Possession Part I
Course 752 Sale/Auction of Tax Possessions Part II
Course 799Office Operations & Best Practices